What To Know About Breaking Your Lease With Your Apartment Rental


If you are currently renting an apartment, but have reason to move out sooner than when your lease is up, you are likely going to suffer from some kind of penalty. These penalties can include having to pay the rest of your monthly rent for the lease term or having to pay some kind of fee for leaving earlier than expected. Here's what to know about these penalties and how you can potentially avoid them:

A Low Chance of Paying a Penalty

If you have to move out of your apartment sooner than the lease time because there has been a significant amount of damage to your apartment either from a break-in or a natural disaster, you are likely not going to have to pay a penalty. You also won't likely have to pay a penalty if you have been called in for active duty or have suffered from a serious health condition. 

A Moderate Chance of Paying a Penalty

If you are requesting to break the lease of your apartment rental because the landlord is not meeting up to his word as stated in the leasing agreement, then you are going to have to pay a moderate fee in most cases. For example, if you have been requesting to have maintenance done, but the landlord isn't sending anyone to make the repairs, then you have a right to break your lease with moderate consequences. 

A High Chance of Paying a Penalty

If you are simply wanting to break your lease early because you want to move to a new place sooner, you have to move because of a job, or you are in the middle of a break-up or divorce, then you are likely going to have to pay a high penalty. This is because there are no laws that state you are legally allowed to move under these circumstances. If you want to break your lease for these reasons, try your best to give a notice as soon as possible and even offer to help find new tenants. This is the best way to ensure that your landlord lets you off easy and won't require such a high penalty payment. 

By knowing the circumstances in which you can break a lease and what you can do to make the penalties less severe, you can determine whether or not breaking the lease is worth it in the end for you or if you should just continue to wait until the lease term is up. 

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3 December 2015

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