A Recession Guide For Romance: How To Impress A Lady Love With A Camping Vacation


If you are down to loose change in your pockets, you may not believe that you have it in you to create an impressive date. Luckily, this is a misconception. If you want to impress a special lady, but you do not have much money, consider taking her on a camping trip instead. With a full tank of gas in your camper and a few preparations, you can make your trip to an RV park a little more special. Here are some thrifty, yet thrilling ways to prepare for a romantic camping weekend.

Bring the chocolate and forage for the berries

Using nature provided foods can be one of the best ways to save money. Choose a camping spot that has some natural fruits and berries available in the general area. If you plan to forage be sure that you know edible berries from harmful berries. Find solid chocolate on sale and stock it in the camper refrigerator. You can use a double boiler over the camp fire to melt the chocolate, then dip the berries for a sweet and sensual treat.

Trade up on the linens

If you want to bring some romantic luxury to your camper, you should trade up the sheets. Bring the nice sheets set from your house and remake the bed in your camper. If you have a few dollars to spend on trip luxuries, consider buying a silky, fluffy down comforter with a few plump pillows. These can be found in second-hand stores or in bargain shops for substantially lower than their normal price. Turn down the bed before it is time for bed, play mood music on your smart phone, and look up at the stars while talking about your hopes and dreams. Comfortable sheets and a clear view of the moon and stars will easily bring about feelings of romance.

Set up a flower bath

Nothing can kill the romance faster than feeling dirty or sticky. While fun, camping can prohibit normal bath time routines. To give your lady friend a special treat, bring a large trough bathtub with you on your camping trip. You can find these in their normal tin material and there are some companies that now make bath troughs in silicone material. Before sunset, boil or run hot water for her bath and pick her favorite flowers. Add the steaming water to the bath trough then add in her favorite flower petals to surprise her with an extra special bath. As the sun goes down, you can light some candles so that she may continue to enjoy her bath directly under the stars. For more information, check out an RV park such as Beach RV Park


5 December 2015

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