3 Reasons To Stay In A Cabin Instead Of A Hotel If You Suffer From A Digestive Issue


If you suffer from any type of digestive issue, such as irritable bowel syndrome, vacationing can be difficult, which is why you may want to consider staying in a cabin instead of a hotel for your next trip. Here are three reasons this could be a great solution to the problems you normally experience when traveling.

You can access a bathroom easier

When a family stays in a hotel room together, there is only one bathroom, and this can be a difficult situation for a person with a digestive disorder. Many digestive disorders leave people feeling bloated and constipated, and they can also cause cramping in the abdomen. If your digestive issue causes these issues, you may find yourself visiting the bathroom often. In some cases, you will need a bathroom immediately.

Luckily, when you rent a cabin, you can often find one that has two or more bathrooms in it. This means that you will have access to a bathroom much easier when you need it.

You can cook your own meals

Some people like traveling because it offers a break from cooking, but this is not always the case. If you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, there is a good chance you will have to carefully watch what you eat. Certain foods may trigger your symptoms, while other foods may actually help keep your symptoms at a minimum.

For example, foods such as milk, cheese, beans, or greasy things may trigger your symptoms, leaving you rushing to get to a bathroom. On the other hand, you might find that eating pasta, rice, and dried fruits might help you avoid symptoms.

When you stay in a cabin, you will have the benefit of having a kitchen. This will allow you to make foods that are safe for your digestive system, and this will help you avoid having to eat out at restaurants.

Cabins offer relaxing atmospheres

One other difference between staying at a hotel and a cabin is the atmosphere you will experience. Many cabin rentals are located in wooded, remote areas. If you want your vacation to be relaxing, this might be better than staying in a hotel located in the middle of a big city or town. This is because stress is a common trigger with digestive issues. If stress causes your symptoms to flare up, staying relaxed in a cabin could be a great solution.

If the thought of traveling stresses you out because of a digestive problem you have, choosing to stay in a cabin could be the best decision you could possibly make. To learn more, contact a company that offers cabin rentals, like Red River Gorge Cabin Rentals, in the area you would like to visit.


17 December 2015

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