Three Healthy Choices To Make At A Brunch


The chance to go to brunch at a hotel puts a smile on virtually everyone's face, but if you've been trying to focus on eating healthy, you might feel a little anxious about all the delicious food choices that will be waiting for you. While many brunches feature a variety of healthy choices for those watching their waistlines, it's also possible to make a number of simple changes to how you eat to ensure that your diet doesn't go out the window. By making these three smart dietary choices, you'll be able to enjoy guilt-free food -- and you won't have to hurry to the hotel's athletic center to work off the calories as soon are you're done eating.

Eat Egg Whites

One of the staples of many brunches is an omelet station at which you can order a custom omelet stuffed with your favorite cheese, meat and veggies to satisfy your taste buds. If you have the choice, ask for your omelet to be made from egg whites instead of whole eggs. You won't sacrifice on taste and the health benefits are vast. Egg whites are significantly lower in calories, have next to no fat, and don't contain any cholesterol. Making this simple variation to the way your omelet is prepared can benefit your overall health.

Don't Douse Your Foods

Buffets typically present you with an opportunity to overindulge, but provided you steer clear of food additives that are loaded with fat and sugar, you can often still enjoy some favorite foods without feeling guilty. One way to achieve this goal is to avoid dousing your foods in rich sauces. This means that instead of covering your waffles or pancakes with syrup and whipped cream, opt for some fresh berries instead. Enjoying a popular dish such as eggs benedict? Ask the brunch server to go light on the Hollandaise sauce -- remember, a little can go a long way and you don't need your eggs swimming in the sauce.

Skip The Rolls

Who doesn't love a buttered rolls? The problem is that once you eat one, it can be difficult to stop. White bread products can trigger an addiction-like response, which means that you might soon find yourself loading up on rolls despite the healthier options in front of you. It doesn't take long to eat hundreds of calories in rolls and consume plenty of fat in butter, which can derail your efforts to eat healthy. Focus on the healthier options in front of you and leave the rolls for other diners.  For more information, contact a business such as The Drake Oak Brook Hotel.   


24 December 2015

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