Tips For Travelling With Little Ones


Traveling locally can be a bit of a hassle when you have small children, so when traveling longer distances, it can be extra difficult. Bringing small toys and activities when traveling by car can make the trip seem a little less stressful, and making stops often for breaks will also help. See below for other helpful tips to use when travelling with small children.

Travel By Car

  • Have surprises. Surprise your children (or child) with small presents such as little activity books, new crayons or pencils, stuffed toys to keep them company or a travelling game. You can find small items that aren't too expensive at your local dollar store.
  • Eat outside the car. Breaking to go to the bathroom will help stretch your legs, but your children will need a little bit longer of a break. Eating outside of the car will help give you all a nice break, and you may eat a little healthier rather than hitting up drive-thru restaurants. 
  • Make overnight stops. If travelling really long distances, rather than trying to drive straight through, allow your children a break by stopping at another hotel or any number of family suites overnight. This is also a safer option, as accidents can occur if you're too tired to be driving.
  • Watch movies. Make time go by a little faster by keeping your children occupied with a favorite movie to watch. You can find inexpensive travelling DVD players on-line, or use a laptop or tablet to watch movies on.

Travel By Plane

  • Bring gum and motion sickness medicine. Bring gum with you for your child to chew to help with ears popping when going to different altitudes. Motion sickness may also occur, so bring medicine to help combat this. Ask your child's pediatrician about different options for your child.
  • Use ear protector muffs. Ear muffs to help cover up the sound of the plane starting and taking off may help prevent your child from being afraid of the noise. You can also use noise cancelling headphones.
  • Pay for a movie. Ask the flight attendants about movies they may have for young children. Depending on the airline, they may have different movies.
  • Bring activities. Just like when travelling by car, bring along some activities for your child to do. Things like small coloring books and a little box of crayons, a book or a small travel sized game.

Travelling to get to your destination can be stressful when travelling with young children. Make things a little easier on them and yourselves by taking breaks, bringing along activities and snacks, as well as a few extra comforts from home.


29 December 2016

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