Tips For Including Your Canine Family Member In A Vacation


To a lot of people, the family dog isn't just a dog – it's a member of the family. When a family goes on vacation, they don't leave anyone behind – including the dog. If you're planning a family vacation and plan to include your furry family member, there are a few things to do to ensure things go as well as possible when traveling with a pet. Here, you'll find a short list of tips that can help your travels go more smoothly.

Pet-Friendly Lodging

The first thing you need to do is find lodging that welcomes pets. This can be a challenge sometimes, but if you plan ahead and call around until you find the one that will work for your family, you'll find just what you need.

Prepare for the Room

Not all dogs are well-behaved when they travel – if your dog tends to get overly excited or has accidents from time to time, you'll need a few extra things for your room.

First, if your dog is crate trained, bring a travel kennel with you. It might give him the security he needs to feel comfortable in the new space.

Second, if your dog has pee accidents often, consider picking up a roll of carpet protecting cling plastic. This is the stuff that they use in new construction and in real estate to protect the carpeting from unwanted stains. If you put this down on the carpeting throughout the hotel room, you won't have to worry about little puppy puddles happening on the carpet, which could result in a cleaning fee from the hotel.

Lastly, take some extra blankets to ensure that your dog doesn't mess up the beds. Not only will it help to keep the fur out of the hotel bedding, but the smell of the blanket that you've brought from home can help comfort your dog in an unknown place.

Walk the Dog

Make sure that you know where the dog can safely be walked. Ask the front desk at the hotel where they recommend taking him. They'll know the safest places where he'll be welcome to run, play and go to the bathroom.

Hopefully, these tips will help you get through the family vacation by including your canine family members without having to cover any repair costs to the hotel. A little planning goes a long way when you include dogs in the family vacation plans each year.


27 September 2019

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