Top Reasons You Should Stay In A Hawaii Rental Home Instead Of A Hotel


A vacation in Hawaii can be the dream of a lifetime for many people. The islands are beautiful and offer a relaxing or a thrilling vacation to those who visit. Deciding where to stay when you go to Hawaii might be more difficult for you. Do you want to stay in a hotel or resort? Or would you like to stay in a vacation home? Here are some of the top reasons you should stay in a Hawaii rental home instead of a hotel.

You Have More Space

When you rent a vacation home, you get more space than you would if you stayed in a hotel room or resort. Instead of only a single room or adjoining room, you get an entire house all to yourselves. You will have all the comforts of home including a living room with plenty of chairs for sitting on. You will have a full dining room so you don't have to sit on the couch to eat dinner.

You will also have a full kitchen where you can make your own meals. If you wish, you can still go out to a restaurant or order take-out or delivery, but it will save you money by cooking your own meals most of the time. Houses will also have multiple bedrooms and potentially more than one bathroom so you won't feel cramped like you might if you stayed at a resort.

You Get More Privacy And Feel Less Touristy

When you stay in a vacation home, you will have more privacy than you would if you stayed at a hotel or resort. Hotels and resorts have many common areas such as the lobby, pool areas, restaurants and bars and even the gardens will have plenty of people walking around. While that might be nice once in a while, you might like to enjoy your own swimming pool or your own gardens.

Rental homes offer more privacy with your own backyard to enjoy and often they have their own pool area. Also, many of the vacation rental homes are located in less touristy areas. So you can enjoy shopping where the locals do and dining at their favorite restaurants. It's more relaxing to walk down the street too without a lot of tourists.

It Can Save You Money

You might not think so but renting a vacation home can actually save you money on your vacation. Resorts and hotels tend to be more expensive in popular areas because that is where all the tourists want to go. You can find great deals on vacation rentals.

You will find that travel insurance will cover the cost of a home rental and is often the better deal. It can cover cancellations should you need to, and cancellation grace periods are often longer than with a hotel too. Look around to find a home rental you'd like to try. 


28 October 2020

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