Ask These Questions Before Deciding On A Wedding Venue


Your wedding proposal was probably magical, but once you start to realize that a wedding is happening, you might start to feel stressed. There's a lot to do, starting with locating a venue where your special day can happen. There are many hotels, reception halls, or outdoor spaces; you just need to ensure that you're informed enough to pick a venue that's going to give you the experience you want. Ask these questions before putting down a deposit.

Are Other Weddings Happening?

Some reception halls host more than one wedding a day, particularly if they have several ballrooms. If you have a large number of guests, you might be apprehensive about sharing parking and restrooms with a lot of people attending another event. When multiple weddings are happening, staff may be longer to respond to requests since there is more going on. Ask venues about whether they'll be double-booking on the day of your wedding. If there will indeed be another wedding, find out how the venue keeps the parties separate.

When Can You Access the Space?

You or your wedding planner will need time to set up decorations and customize the space for your wedding. You should have as much time beforehand to prepare everything as possible. Find out when a venue will open the doors to you or your planner so you know how much you have to prepare before the actual wedding day.

If you're interested in outdoor venues, you might even want to ask about the space the day before, especially if you are planning to bring equipment and portable toilets to the site.

What Special Diets Can They Accommodate?

If you have friends who no longer eat wheat or relatives who are vegetarians, you're probably assuming that a venue will have something for them to eat. However, don't settle for salad; check with venues about special items they can offer people on restricted diets. That way, everyone can have a sumptuous, delicious meal.

What Is Their Cancel Policy?

Before you book a venue, get cancellation information for all the venues you're considering. No one wants to think that they'll cancel their wedding date, but events beyond your control might require it. For that reason, ask about cancellation policies and know what you'll be dealing with if a cancellation is necessary.

Your venue is a big part of a beautiful wedding. Once you find a venue, such as Inn at Mountain View Farm, ask all the questions you need so that you feel comfortable and pleased with the place you select.


19 May 2021

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